Wednesday 16 September 2009

Ireland 42 Below Vodka Competition Winning Cocktail Video - "The Teasing Bee"

The 42 Below Vodka Cocktail World Cup is the most extreme cocktail competition on the planet. 42 brave mixologists from the world’s best celebrity- and style-bars descend on the world’s adventure New Zealand for a week of masterful mixology.

They will battle it out, country vs country through gruelling cocktail challenges to take home the winning title.

Regional finals take place in cities around the world to find each country's most worthy mixologist.

Source: CocktailWorldCup and

The Irish session in Cork (judged by Karen Halpin and UK Best Bartender Andy Pearson) has been held at Suas Roof Top Lounge where Sheen Falls Lodge Bartender Max La Rocca won the competition amongst many of the best Bartenders in the country and putting Sheen Cocktail Bar among the best Hotel Cocktail Bars in Ireland.

Max La Rocca, Andy Ferreira and Aaron Wall will represent Ireland in New Zealand against the rest of the world in March 2010.

Again The Sheen Falls Lodge, Cocktail Bar is a guarantee of best quality and professionalism.....

Friday 11 September 2009

42 Below Vodka Competition 2009 in Cork - Ireland

An article on "The Kerryman" newspaper

..back office preparation

Sheen Bar mixologist at work

Our "42 Raspberry Street" Cocktail

42 Below's Alan Kavanagh setting up

high level jury

..amazing drinks

..and pairings

Our "The Teasing Bee" Cocktail

great ambassador!
and the winner is..
Max La Rocca
Thanks to Sheen Bar team and 42 Below's Alan Kavanagh for the support

Thursday 3 September 2009

Deconstructed Negroni @ Sheen Bar

Let's start with some drinks...

- Tanqueray 10
- "Punt e Mes" Sweet Vermouth
- Orange Bitters
- Campari foam
- Thin stripes of orange peel for the garnish

Tuesday 1 September 2009

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..with passion..

The Sheen Bar Team:
Salvatore Camagna
Max La Rocca

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